Best Online Drug Marketplace of Darknet

All the Dark Web marketplaces are a platform to trade illicit products on a small and large scale. If you’re interested in drug dealings, read this guide that will tell you the best online drug marketplace where you can buy and sell easily under the protection of the dark web’s anonymity.

Illicit online drug marketplaces, also known as Darknet Markets (DNMs), are illegal platforms particularly specialized in drug selling that are only accessible through secured protocols (TOR, PGP). Transactions on these platforms are fully hidden via pseudonyms and crypto-currencies (e.g., Bitcoin).

To offset the relatively potential risks of scamming1 (i.e., fraud), DNMs have largely used technological developments (e.g., multi-signatures for Bitcoin transactions) but have mostly relied on e-reputation mechanisms. As in clearnet marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Airbnb,

Darknet Markets’ reputation mechanisms allow customers to give feedback after fulfilling their transactions. The very broad use of reputation mechanisms may be the main factor in the development and longevity of DNMs despite their strong chances of scamming and their recurrent shutdowns by public authorities.

Types of Marketplaces

The dark web typically comprises two types of marketplaces based on their content and listings, i.e., Classic marketplaces and Data Stores. Drug trading is characterized by the Classic marketplaces, which are the original marketplaces. It is associated with the dark web threatening individuals who sell illegal tangible products, such as drugs, unregistered weapons, gift cards, and prepaid cards.

Another type is a Datastore in which, besides selling and buying drugs, individuals can access pornography and weapon. These anonymous online marketplaces are the main sources of stolen or leaked data. They hold someone’s financial statements, credit card details, cloned pins, the organization’s sensitive information, user personal information, etc.

List of Best Online Drug Marketplace

Being a novice to the darknet market, pre-research any Darknet markets with Tor to secure you from being scammed. Also, you should first download Tor or use a VPN to maintain privacy and anonymity when you visit darknet markets and websites.

Once you’re done connecting VPN with whatever country you want, let’s explore a few Best Online Drug Marketplaces where you can grab the drug that isn’t easily available and worth discovering in 2023.

1. Invictus Market

 Invictus Market

The Invictus market is the latest new dark web market in the Tor network in September 2020. The owner of the Imperiya Market created it on its vendor platform, which is a market for vendor shops.

On this site, you can have a great range of recreational and prescription drugs. If you’re struggling to find any drug your doctor has prescribed but is not readily available in the local market store, this site could be where you can find the best drugs online.

Although the features on these sites are so exceptional, like having a classified section that lists down the items such as gold powder, iPhone, and gaming consoles to make this online drug market worth noticing if one is looking for rare items.

2. Cartel Market

Cartel Market

Have you ever wanted to shop at Darknet general store? If yes, let us share some information about a Cartel market that offers a variety of drugs, self-defense products, electronics, and even hosting plans. The Cartel Market offers simple, organized, and easy-to-use web interfaces to buyers, making it more well-known among audiences.

So, shop any drug item effortlessly from Cartel if web interfaces matter to you. It also gives detailed product descriptions and cost prices below the product so customers can get a quick overview.

3. ASAP Market

ASAP Market

ASAP is one of the largest darknet that contains a great selection of listings of groups. This site mainly emphasizes drugs that are categorically neatly arranged into varieties. The varieties include stimulants, opioids, cannabis, and steroids.

It also involves a mishmash of guides and tutorials that can be found anywhere for free. They do carry some rare and hard-to-find digital items too. ASAP also claims to have progressed system for tracking down scamming vendors and fake feedback, which are its sharpest characteristics.

However, registration is a prerequisite for making purchases, so register yourself first.

ASAP market supports Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) as transaction methods. The market network uses the traditional central account wallet system, which means users should deposit coins to cover an order before placing it.

4. CannaHome


Are you tired of being at work and want to have a chill weekend with your friends? Let’s visit and try CannaHome, which is one of the recreational drug darknet markets. You may wonder why it offers a wide collection of weed-related products and lets you trust the vendors to sell. That means vendors with 500+ sales in other markets can sell products on CannaHome.

5. Corona Market

Corona Market

This darknet market is for general use, and you’ll likely find things like medicated drugs, software, and other products. Even though the site hasn’t divided its products into sections, you can still use dark search to find out the medicines you want to buy.

6. Cypher

Cypher Market is considered to be a small darknet market that has been around for a year and is still struggling to gain much attention from the larger community. On Cypher’s homepage, you will see the majority of the products are related to drugs on Cypher’s. The marketplace is also well-known among Russian and international users due to its selection of malware and financial fraud-related products.


Cypher appears to be an all-purpose market based on its categories. However, it forbids selling any hazardous chemicals, weapons, or explosives. Additionally, it outlaws sharing private information (doxing), child pornography in any form, and any services associated with murder.

 The great thing about this site is its simple registration process, which asks for a username and password. The captchas are not tricky, and the loading times are among the fastest.

The products on Cypher are considered more affordable than those on competing marketplaces and may only cost a few dollars. It supports Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR), though some vendors may only accept one coin.

When comparing to traditional markets, Cypher does not have an account wallet system and deals with all payments on per-order criteria. This means you’re not supposed to preload your wallet before starting a purchase. Instead, the transaction is made only at the time of order.

7. Vice City

Vice City

The Vice City website is a famous and well-known TOR-based marketplace that operates as a classic marketplace. Its listings include all illegal products, such as a vast range of drugs, fraud services, and fake certificates and products. Although, the sale of weapons,  hitmen, and stolen data is prohibited on this site. Even it is one of the first markets to ban porn-related items.

As far as the Payment methods are concerned, they are easier than paying in dollars or Bitcoin. Both are accepted.  Vice City takes strict measures to keep it private – as a closed marketplace. One of those measures is the most difficult CAPTCHA and anti-bot tests it uses. Due to this, it’s not everyone’s priority, but thanking it for making good on its promise to incorporate user feedback into their market processes.

8. WeTheNorth


WeTheNorth is also among the best online drug marketplace, a relatively new Canadian dark web drug market rolled out two years ago. Moreover, WeTheNorth was likely created to shift the Canadian HQ marketplace that was closed. The latest dark web market provides a variety of illegal goods and services for sale. WeTheNorth is different from others in protecting Canadian buyers and sellers, creating a relatively safe market environment for its users, and keeping a “clean reputation.”

9. Kingdom Market

Kingdom Market

This dark web market is an exclusive example of a classic marketplace, which lists various illegal products such as drugs, fake IDs, stolen credit cards, and prepaid accounts to platforms. The market’s admins need users to pass a difficult anti-bot test to keep their market a botless space and ensure users do not intend to abuse it. Later, they protect users from phishing and exit scams by showing them the original, active domains of the site. The prices on Kingdom Market range starts from a few dollars up to hundreds of dollars.

10. Royal Market

Royal Market

Royal Market has been one of the best online drug marketplace since its opening in 2021. It already has over 9,500 listings. This includes all types of selling drugs, fake documentation, hacking, fraud services, and lists of thousands of illegal products offered for sale. Product costs can vary up to thousands of dollars as sellers and buyers rely on the marketplace.

Further, the payment is accepted in dollars, Bitcoin, and Monero currency. Besides the homepage’s product lists, customers can have custom shops for hundreds of the Royal Market’s active vendors and even a separate Royal Market forum section. Still, they’re learning from mistakes in other markets, resulting in a steady flock of new users daily.

11. Cocorico


Cocorico has a dark web market and a forum with about 1,000 regular users. It was created in 2021 and offered multiple collections of items, primarily drugs in France and other EU countries, with some sent outside Europe. The option for translating the language into French makes Cocorico special. It can be changed to English as well. But some products and features will not be fully translated into English.

And you don’t need to log in to your account to view the contents as the market is JavaScript-free. Even the admin look interested in performing duty decently by securing the privacy and well-being of their users.

12.  AlphaBay


AlphaBay site was first introduced in 2014 and returned to the dark web earlier this year (2022) after it shut down in July 2017. Its market and forum are wealthy enough with illegal content and have many illegal product listings and discussions. 

Every dark web market category has subcategories, and many other items are offered for sale, making AlphaBay one of the most popular and unique dark web marketplaces since it operates as a classic marketplace and a data store. It makes it useful for both conventional crime and cybercrime actors.

Everything about Dark Web Marketplaces

The darknet marketing platform is often led by an admin or a small group of admins. The marketplaces’ typical consumers are cyber criminals seeking illegal products online to assist them in their illegitimate activities.

Everything about Dark Web Marketplaces

Therefore, they are normally under intense surveillance from law enforcement authorities and security professionals.

Even though Google does not index such sites because it buys and sells illicit goods and services, you must access them using a Tor browser or VPN.

People usually consider dark web markets illegal and unethical, and by the facts, these markets are negative, like human trafficking, child abuse, drug deals, and information leaks, but it’s up to you for which purpose you use these sites.

The product cost is distinct. For instance, a consumer can get the drugs from a few dollars to hundreds and thousands of dollars, depending on how precious the stolen or illegal product is and how efficient the vendor and platform are.

Although it is important to keenly observe the origins of marketplaces while looking at the marketplaces and their admins, try to stay vague, at least most of the time. People who manage dark webs are not curious to disclose their identities or locations. Or what country they’re connected with, just to be anonymous and untraceable.

The Cryptocurrency introduction in several regions worldwide has made conducting transactions online simple and possible without asking for a financial record. As a result, large dark web markets have been developed, and illegal products traded online have rapidly increased.


Q1- What are the risks associated with using online drug marketplaces?

To visit the dark web can be as terrible as a horrific nightmare because dark web marketplaces are shady spaces where you find anything from harmless CBD oil to illegal drugs. There’s no limit. It is completely beyond the limitations and eventually puts your own identity at risk. Moreover, other risks involve phishing, exit scams, dangerous malware, and legal repercussion. Meanwhile, buying from this market depends on your shopping behavior that what you buy from the darknet marketplace.

Luckily, you won’t get into trouble with the law if you’re not purchasing anything illegal and using a high-quality VPN service, which could encrypt data and mask your IP address to make you unreachable.

Q2- Are there any online drug marketplaces that accept Bitcoin?

If you don’t follow a traditional wallet system, you can pay using BTC bitcoins, which is accepted at a few online drug marketplaces like Vice City. It generally offers ease to its user by providing both payment methods.

Q3- Can I buy prescription drugs on online drug marketplaces?

People nowadays use the Internet to shop for many things. People also go online to buy prescriptions online. But if the website does not provide a street address and telephone number may cause serious health risks. These so-called “rogue sites” sell unapproved products or practices that are illegal offline, and you don’t know where these companies are located, where their drugs are, what is in their drug formula, or how to reach them if you face any issues. Like ordering from these sites, you might have counterfeit drugs with no active ingredients and expired drugs, which may lead to harmful side effects that a qualified health professional could better diagnose.

However, if they deal in approved ones, they often follow established procedures to protect consumers. For example, some sites only require customers to complete a form before ordering prescription drugs, bypassing face-to-face interaction with a health professional.

Q4- What are the most popular online drug marketplaces?

The name of most popular online drug marketplaces includes Vice City and Royale Market. Both sites offer many listings and a moderate selection of several popular drugs. Vice City has almost 10,000 listings, around 70% of those for drugs and pharmaceuticals. Categories for listings are given below

  • Benzos
  • Cannabis
  • Dissociatives
  • Ecstasy
  • Opioids
  • Prescriptions
  • Psychedelics
  • Steroids
  • Stimulants
  • Digital
  • Fraud Services

Final Words

This was all about dark web functionality, including basic information that lists all the best online drug marketplaces on a single page to help you to buy drugs online. Once you know the important details about every marketplace, you will easily choose which will suit you according to the prescribed drugs and price range.

Millions of websites offer prescription medicines and other health products, so people prefer to shop with a single click on the Internet instead of visiting the corner pharmacy. Some of them sell products that are not FDA-approved.

Thus, you must take a few appropriate safety and security precautions while checking out darknet marketplaces, such as setting up a reliable antivirus program and using a VPN. Although, no matter how much this market intrigues you and how many precautionary steps you would take, it is better to avoid visiting the dark web marketplace.

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