10 Best Information Source Websites on the Deep Web in 2024

Want to venture onto the dark and deep web? The hidden world of the internet can feel like a daunting and mysterious place to be. And it is if you don’t know how to explore it correctly. Don’t worry; we have researched for you! Find our round-up of the 10 best information source websites on the deep 2024.

Furthermore, we will also look more deeply at the deep and dark web, what it is, and how it works so you can stay secure when browsing the unknown side of the internet.

10 Most Popular Information Source Websites on the Deep Web

1.  The Hidden Wiki

the hidden wiki

The Hidden Wiki is one of the best information source websites on the deep net. It is a secure and easiest way to find informational resources and websites on the deep and dark web. It is significantly a list of all the famous websites available on the Tor platform that is kept in a single, organized inventory.

Users can use this community-edited link database to search the entirety, from anonymous chat rooms to Deep Web social networks and blogs about multiple interesting topics.

Ensure to visit with caution because you should only use those onion links you feel comfortable with, and that have a minimized risk of leading to scams or illegal content.

Additionally, it is important to remember that users should not unquestioningly trust links on the Hidden Wiki because this is an information community that anyone can update, and some of the links are malicious. Therefore, it is a good practice to double-check and verify any onion links you find using another source, like Onion Links or DarkWebPug.

2.  SecureDrop


One of the most secure information source websites on the deep web is SecureDrop. This website was created as a secure place for whistleblowers to send information to journalists. It is a safe and secure shelter where anybody with information can post it anonymously and without afraid of being tracked.

The noteworthy thing about sharing through the dark web and deep web on SecureDrop is that users can do so without fear of expulsion and without the risk of being caught and punished.

The flourishing of SecureDrop as a source for whistleblowers has led to leading publications hosting their SecureDrop URLs. It allows informer to share their valuable information directly with those essential news outlets.

3. DarkNetLive


DarkNetLive is an Onion news website that gives up-to-date information related to the deep web and dark web and its use. Navigate it to find out about dark sites, closures, arrests, drug convulsions, and other news subjects related to the dark and deep web and its use.

DarkNetLive represents articles about everything related to the dark and deep web. Articles are published daily and have interesting information, images, and quotes from officials.

Furthermore, DarkNetLive has an inventory of dark and deep web vendors, which is very beneficial. It provides detailed information about every vendor, containing .onion addresses and FAQs (frequently asked questions). You can scroll and use this inventory to avoid shady or illegal marketplaces.

However, this site also has a list of sources for individuals interested in cryptocurrencies, an inventory of dark and deep web forums, along with screenshots, .onion links, FAQs, and an enormous list of darknet links in descriptions.

4.  Archive Today

Archive Today

This information source website is quite similar to the Clear Web’s Wayback Machine. It is an archive saved on the dark and deep web that keeps an exposure on the surface internet. The beneficial site allows you to see how a website looked at an earlier period. It lets you check what data it contained at a previous point in time.

You can visit Archive Today to look at snapshots taken by other users. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of a web page that you consider essential and want to make sure is archived for freedom of information objectives.

5.  Facebook


Facebook is considered as a stay up-to-date information source website on the dark and surface web. It does not have a good reputation. Privacy protector frowns upon it because of the way it collects data and profiles users. These concerns are valid because using Facebook mindlessly exposes users to some of the highest levels of monitoring capitalism from anywhere on the internet.

Regardless of these privacy concerns, Facebook has become a decisive place for communicating and sharing opinions. During times of political outbursts, Facebook and Facebook Messenger have become essential for the circulation of information. It is often used by activists to coordinate protests and to share opposing opinions without fear of consequences.

No matter what your opinion about the platform, it is undeniable that Facebook gives advantages in terms of free communication. Restrictive governments understand this better than anyone, which is why Facebook’s services are temporarily banned during elections and demonstrations.

Facebook offers an Onion site for these reasons. Its dark and deep web mirror ensures that even when governments force ISPs to block its services, anybody who depends on its services can access Tor to continue communicating with friends and family.

6. Reddit- Dark and Deep Web Version

Reddit- Dark and Deep Web Version

Reddit is typically available on the dark and deep web now, so there is no need to rely on third-party tools to access it through Tor. Just remember that the addition of anonymity to a platform like Reddit causes individuals to behave without a filter.

On the contrary, this is considered advantageous for people living under strict regimes where censorship is common. Inversely, it can lead to trolling, the spread of false information, and unpleasant comments that users would not be allowed to make on the clear net. For that reason, we recommend navigating with caution.

7.  Just Another Library

Just Another Library

You are searching for a good book to read? Just Another Library is home to more than millions of books that have been chunked into over 40 categories for user-friendly exploring. You can get everything from fantasy novels to self-help books, literature and traveling, biographies, and anything else that grabs your fancy.

Keep in mind that this is one of the best dark and deep web information source websites, which means that much of the content is likely in breach of copyright. Remember that we neither condone nor encourage its use. That said, it is one of the most popular deep websites, and it does have legitimate users. For example, in the UK, any book older than 70 years old (print the date of the author’s death) is no longer issued with copyright restrictions. It means you can safely download older books and other public domain works.

8.  ProPublica — Investigative Journalism News Site


ProPublica reveals corruption and misuse of power via investigative journalism. The articles are very informative and in-depth, and the site is free to access. And the good thing is that no random paywalls are popping up in the middle of the articles.

ProPublica has a surface website, but its darknet version won’t see your IP address, so you get excellent privacy. You can also visit the .onion link on the Tor network to access the site in restrictive territory, where it might be unavailable.

9.  Daniel — .Onion Site with Chat, Link Checker & More

Daniel offers access to various instruments, and it has a deep web online chatroom, an onion link checker, a list of dark and deep web links, and a feature to take an encrypted email address.

The online chat feature is beneficial for getting information about deep websites. Daniel’s community users are few, but they are very active. I asked them how to navigate the deep web securely, and I received a helpful reply in just 30 seconds. The user told me only to access links from legitimate sites such as The Hidden Wiki and use a VPN and antivirus for protection.

Moreover, the link checker lets you test an .onion link to determine if it is active or not. Some deep and dark web links take a lot of time to load or don’t work on the first try, so this tool lets you quickly scan if they are active. On Daniel, you can get a list of hundreds of dark and deep web links, and each site link comes with quick and useful descriptions.

You can also benefit from the free encrypted email address with 50 MB of storage, but if you want free and higher storage space, use Proton Mail; its free package comes with 1 GB of storage.

10.   Proton Mail

Proton Mail

Proton Mail was launched in 2014 and has risen to be one of the most recommended and trusted private email providers. This email service allows anybody to send and receive encrypted emails securely and without concerns that the data of their emails is being intercepted or scanned automatically, as is the case with email providers such as Gmail.

Everyone can start a basic Proton Mail account for free and can use Tor to access their emails if they need to. Creating a Proton Mail and accessing it through the dark and deep web creates added anonymity for the user, which is useful for guaranteeing a greater level of privacy. It also makes sure the service is available in countries with severe censorship, which is essential due to many governments wanting to crack down on encrypted communications.

However, Proton Mail also secures an onion mirror as an insurance policy against DDoS attacks. Due to the unlisted behavior of onion sites, they are harder to attack, which means that if its surface net site went down during cyberattacks, account holders would still be able to access their accounts through Tor.

Tips to Remember when Browsing Information Source Websites on the Deep Web

The darknet is unregulated, which is why it is necessary to protect yourself while browsing the information source websites. Here are some precautions you should take when accessing the deep and dark web.

  • Avoid Downloading files: The dark net’s unreliable nature isn’t for nothing. Files on the darknet are commonly malware-laden.
  • Don’t click on suspicious links: While it is difficult to abstain from clicking on links when navigating darknet search engines and directories, there are millions of scam pages on the darknet it is best to be concerned with.
  • Don’t submit personal information: Never submit your personal information of any type on the darknet. If you need to use an email address, create a new address, ideally from a privacy-focused email service such as Proton Mail.
  • Don’t buy anything: We say this only because there is no assurance any vendor on the darknet is legit but also because most things you can only buy on the darknet are illegal.
  • Use a VPN: Connecting to a VPN first, then Tor gets you all the privacy protection of the Tor browser, adding extra protection that prevents any Tor node from watching your home IP address.

Some other Information source Websites on the deep web in 2024

·   BBC News

Even popular news websites have a darknet presence. BBC is one of the most reliable information source websites you can find on the surface and deep web. BBC Tor Mirror is the dark and deep web copy of the international BBC News site. It is typically an unfiltered version of BBC News. You can secretly and freely read news stories that might be banned elsewhere, especially in countries with strict censorship.

·  The Intercept

The intercept is your contaminated source of fearless journalism. The intercept always depends on the Tor network to receive anonymous reports and investigate powerful people and organizations. It created its .onion site so readers could navigate their newsrooms secretly and bypass government-imposed news censorship.

·  Hidden Answers

Tor’s Hidden Answers is an organic, uncensored, and anonymous Reddit-style platform. Unlike other forums, it does not dismiss your presence for asking a politically charged question. Be careful, though conversations can become terrifying or discomforting without any community guidelines, supervision, or monitoring. If you need any information, it is one of the best information source websites on the deep web.

·  The CIA

 The Tor version of the CIA’s website is pretty similar to other news sites. It provides you access to unfiltered content, even if you are located in a territory with intense restrictions. The US Navy first launched the site to help others communicate securely, but now it’s developed for anyone who wants private and free access to news and information about the CIA.

·  Sci-Hub

If scientific data is your thing, Sci-Hub is for you. It provides you with open access to tons of plenty of scientific journals and papers, sometimes including journals packed behind paywalls. It currently has over 80 million scientific papers to prospect through.

Be careful, though Sci-Hub can come with copyright concerns, and it is considered illicit in most countries to download papers without compensation for them. Always check local laws before accessing any paid-for data. If you are skeptical, stick to papers you know you don’t need to pay for.

·  Deep Web Radio

Deep Web Radio is the dark web’s round-the-clock onion radio link. It is good to have since we recommend not running any other application on the internet while you are browsing the dark web. Tune into the deep web radio if it is getting too quiet. You will find something fascinating to listen to.

· SoylentNews

Unfortunately, most of today’s mainstream media can’t be trusted because it is rarely neutral and accurate. An excellent way to stay informed about the latest happenings all over the world is to use an open-source and community-oriented news collector like SoylentNews.It is a prominent and legitimate website among other information source websites on the darknet. Users can share their stories from anywhere in the world and even engage in clear-sighted conversations on public discussion forums.

·  Wasabi Wallet

It is a Bitcoin wallet that not only hides all your details in the Tor network but also allows you to combine your transactions with others to increase your anonymity. It makes it quite difficult to find out who you are paying.

This process takes a fee, but unlike other Tumbler or mixing services, there is no risk that Wasabi or any of its users could scam you out of your coins.

·  Tunnels

Some of the more popular Tor websites are about exploring tunnels in American universities. Ground structures like that are both dangerous and illicit to access. That is why urban explorers host their articles on Tor.

IIT Underground, focused on Illinois Tech is the smaller of the articles. However, Virginia Tech is more prominent. It gives more information on the tunnels as well as the dangers associated with them.

Final Words

We understand the craze to stay up-to-date about what’s happening in the world. The deep net can be a great way to do so if you live in a territory that censors the web.

However, in this article, we have shared the 10 best information source websites you can find on the deep and dark web. But make sure you take security precautions before you dive in.

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