How to Get Free Bitcoins on the Deep Web

Bitcoins have been a very common topic for years, for a good reason, as they are free. They are a decentralized digital currency that provides faster and cheaper transactions, enhanced privacy and security, and much more. If you’re curious to dive into the world of Bitcoin, you may be thinking about how to get it, especially on the Deep Web.

This article will guide you through the steps of obtaining bitcoins through the Deep Web, so you can get the benefit of experiencing this innovative technology.

So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Starting with Bitcoins on the Deep Web

  • Setting up a Secure Connection

If you’re going to use bitcoins for free on the deep web, the first step is ensuring that your connection is secure. This is critical because the deep web is known for its security risks and potential for illegal activities. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is highly recommended to secure yourself, hide your IP address, and encrypt your online activity. In this way, your online activity will be hidden from your internet service provider, and your identity will be secured.

  • Making a Bitcoin Wallet

The next step is creating a Bitcoin wallet on the dark web. A Bitcoin wallet is a digital storage system that permits you to store, receive, and send bitcoins. Several types of wallets are available, such as software, hardware, and paper wallets. Selecting a wallet that meets your requirements and provides a high level of security is essential.

  • Understanding Bitcoin Addresses

When you have set up a Bitcoin wallet, it is important to understand Bitcoin addresses. A Bitcoin address is a string of letters and numbers used to send and receive bitcoins. Once you receive bitcoins, they are deposited in your wallet and assigned to a specific address.

If you want to send bitcoins to someone, you need to provide them with your Bitcoin address. It is important to remember that Bitcoin addresses are only for one-time use. Therefore, creating a new address for each transaction is suggested for added security.

Hence, getting started with free bitcoins on the deep web needs setting up a protective connection, generating a Bitcoin wallet, and understanding Bitcoin addresses. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily access bitcoins on the deep web with confidence and security. 

Step 2: Options for Purchasing BTC on the Deep Web

Options for Buying Bitcoins

Buying bitcoins on the deep web needs some extra steps compared to the traditional methods of obtaining cryptocurrency, but various options are still available.

P2P Exchanges

Peer-to-peer exchanges are the best option for buying bitcoins on the dark web. This platform joins buyers and vendors directly, allowing for a protected and direct transaction. This can be beneficial, especially for those wanting their identity hidden.

Darknet Marketplace

Darknet marketplaces, also known as cryptomarkets. They are another famous option for purchasing bitcoins and getting them for free on the deep web. These darknet marketplaces are specially created for buying and selling illegal goods and services and often provide a variety of payment options, such as bitcoins. However, it is essential to note that these marketplaces have come with higher risks, such as the potential for fraud, scams, and the possibility of law enforcement intervention.

Bitcoin ATMs

Another option for getting bitcoins on the deep web is through the use of a Bitcoin ATM. These ATMs operate the same as traditional bank ATMs, allowing you to deposit cash and receive bitcoins in return. Bitcoin ATMs provide the added benefit of increased privacy, and no personal details are required to make a transaction.

Online Exchanges

Online exchanges are another well-known option for purchasing bitcoins on the deep web. These platforms allow people to buy bitcoins with a variety of payment methods, such as bank transfers and credit/debit cards. Online exchanges provide the added benefit of convenience, as transactions can be done quickly and easily.

However, it is essential to carefully consider the security and privacy implications of using an online exchange. Moreover, they require personal details and are unsafe for hacking and other cyber attacks. No matter what option you choose, it is important to do your own research by yourself and carefully consider each method’s risks and benefits before deciding anything.

Step 3: P2P Exchanges

A Peer-to-Peer (P2P) exchange is a platform that allows buyers and vendors to trade bitcoins without the need for a centralized intermediary.

Advantages of Using P2P Exchanges: P2P exchanges provide a list of advantages over other options for purchasing bitcoins. First of all, P2P exchanges are budget-friendly and less expensive. They won’t charge a fee or a commission for facilitating trades. Second, they offer greater privacy and high security as they won’t ask users to share sensitive details, such as their identity or bank details, with a central authority.

Moreover, P2P exchanges are easy, flexible, and faster than other options. Hence, trades will be completed instantly without the need for approval from a central authority.

Selecting a Reputable P2P Exchange: When choosing a P2P exchange, it is essential to ensure that you choose a reputable platform that has a very good track record and a solid reputation in the community. A well-respected P2P exchange has a clear and transparent fee structure, high-security measures, and a quick or responsive customer support team. Furthermore, it is recommended to read reviews and user feedback from other users to have an idea of their experience with the platform.

Therefore, P2P exchanges offer a bucket of advantages for users looking to buy bitcoins on the deep web. With the right selection of a reputable platform, users can trade bitcoins securely and easily with confidence.

Step 4: Darknet Marketplaces

Overview of Darknet Marketplaces:

Darknet marketplaces, or DNMs, are online platforms operating on the dark web. They offer an anonymous marketplace for goods and services. It is actually accessed with the help of Tor or another privacy-focused browser. Moreover, darknet marketplaces are completely illegal and operate similarly to black markets. Additionally, with one exception, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The 3 Best Deep Web Sites That Give Free Bitcoins

1. BitcoinGet

This website has the simplest solutions to questions like how to get Bitcoin. It doesn’t need any kind of sign-up or login. You can get Bitcoins for completing surveys or visiting websites. Go to the websites, and enter your Bitcoin wallet address > tap on Get Bitcoins. Then several tasks will be displayed. Select the one you would like to do and click on it.

Furthermore, on the next page, you are asked for the survey. You must finish it. You can see this survey is worth 140 bits, which won’t be bad considering 10 minutes of my time.

However, the survey is made up of some basic questions, which you should be fine answering.

You can also choose “CrowdFlower” tasks instead of finishing surveys. You’re required to do some tasks, such as verifying someone’s Facebook or Twitter profile, etc. That’s another answer to how to get Bitcoins on GetBitcoins.

Once you have completed a survey successfully, you get paid directly to the Bitcoin address you provided without any further processing.

Additional Benefits:

  • You will be paid when you reach a threshold of a minimum of 500 uBTC. It shouldn’t be hard to consider that each task pays nearly 150+ uBTC.
  • They pay you within 24 hours after you reach the threshold.


It is a platform that answers your question of how to get Bitcoin by paying you for “clicks.”

All you need to do is open the platform and enter your Bitcoin wallet address. (Make sure to type it manually, copy-pasting won’t allow it!)

A popup displays and asks you to enter your E-mail ID as a verification step. Write your E-mail and click the “verify E-mail” button. Now, check your email to see if you will receive an authentication code there. You need to copy that code and paste it on the popup on the website. The next would be like a “forced” step, but I don’t mind as they offer free Bitcoins. Now, install the Chrome Extension so that you can be updated on the notifications from your account.

Your page can automatically load after being installed the extension. You can choose sites to view from the left panel and click on any site. When the site loads up, you will get a notification on the top-right bar where you wait for 5-10 seconds. Once the time is up, you require to validate that you’re a human being and not a robot by verifying the captcha.

Thus, as soon as possible after you do that, you will instantly be credited with Bitcoins!

Not bad for free bits; the entire process of visiting a new site and validating the captcha takes about 10 seconds!

Additional Benefits:

  • It shows “levels,” so when you use it on a regular basis, you will “level up.” Once you complete level 3, your Bits/View increases.
  • The limit of the withdrawal threshold is 1000 bits.
  • You will not pay extra charges to withdraw the bits to your Bitcoin wallet.

3. AltCoinFantasy

It is a way to receive free Bitcoins and a practical and useful method to explore Bitcoin trading online. Over 15 trading games can be played. You can get points while playing and winning these games. These points can then be exchanged for real Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies or other services like subscriptions to trading platforms and accounts, trading instruments, etc.

It provides news, videos, descriptions, charts, etc, that can be studied. When you know how to use this information, you will learn to trade for actual Bitcoins. It doesn’t require any deposits or payments.

Step 5: Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs or BTMs are physical machines that allow you to buy or sell bitcoins for cash. These ATMs work as a bridge between the traditional financial system and the world of cryptocurrencies. It makes it possible for people to purchase and vend bitcoins without depending on online exchanges. Therefore, Bitcoin ATMs are becoming growingly famous as they offer a convenient and fast way to transact in bitcoins.

Finding a Bitcoin ATM near you:

It is simple to locate a Bitcoin ATM nearby. To find BTMs in your neighborhood, visit services like Coin ATM Radar or Bitcoin ATM Map. When you enter your location, the websites will display a list of local ATMs and information about their locations, fees, and supported cryptocurrencies. To ensure the ATM matches your needs, you can also review its specifications, including its kind (buy-only or buy-sell), fees, and restrictions. Thanks to their two-way transaction capabilities, you may also purchase and sell bitcoins at some Bitcoin ATMs.

Step 6: Online Exchanges

Online exchanges are platforms that allow you to purchase, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies on the deep web. They offer you a convenient and secure way to manage your digital assets. Furthermore, they provide a variety of payment methods, such as advanced security measures and user-friendly interfaces.

Why Invest in Bitcoin?

Notice that your money in the bank increase with a minimum percentage according to the policies. On the other hand, you can control and manage your profits in Bitcoin and increase investment safely; its powerful security algorithm is the cherry on top.

Doubtlessly, Bitcoin is different due to its decentralization from other traditional currencies and virtual methods of payment, such as Amazon Coins. In contrast, Bitcoin is similar to other cryptos as it is beyond the control of any government, institution, or financial institution, whether state or private, such as the euro, controlled by the European Central Bank or the Dollar controlled by the Federal Reserve of the United States.

Any user may ask questions about the use and the investment while purchasing BITCOIN in the community known as Hidden Answers on the Darknet. You can acquire bitcoins by accepting them as payment for goods and services or by purchasing them from other users.

Can You Choose Other Cryptocurrencies over Bitcoins for Free on the Deep Web?

Bitcoin existed on the deep web long before it became mainstream. In fact, it was and is the primary currency used to purchase and sell products over there because it can’t be traced.

But the transaction fee and time have recently increased significantly due to Bitcoin’s high prices and heavy blockchain activity.

In fact, a minimum transaction fee of $12-15 USD is required for Bitcoin, which isn’t negligible at all. Hence, this is why most darknet markets have adopted other cryptocurrencies as their mode of payment.

If you can afford it, Bitcoin should always be your first choice for darknet marketplaces. Keep in mind that while these other cryptocurrencies could be faster and less expensive than Bitcoin, they are sometimes more anonymous and decentralized.


Q1: Why do these sites and apps give away free crypto?

Each business model for a site or app varies.

Sign-up bonuses are provided because the site and company think you will join again and become a regular customer.

Cash-back portals make money by referring you to a merchant’s website, and they will share a portion of that revenue with you.

Crypto faucets pay you for sighting ads (those paid ads for showing) or when you give them valuable data, such as via the completion of a survey.

Crypto airdrops advertise and offer giveaways in order to raise awareness campaigns about new coins. However, crypto games are designed as digital assets that have value and make money from them. But, they need an active player base so that they can construct free crypto-earning opportunities into their game models.

Q2: What are Satoshis?

A satoshi is Bitcoin’s smallest unit and is named after Satoshi Nakamoto, who is believed to have made the protocols used in Bitcoin and the blockchain. Moreover, 100 million Satoshis are equal to a single bitcoin. Along with free crypto sites, you will be paid in Satoshis. 

Q3: Will you get free Bitcoins or other cryptos by mining?

No. Crypto mining needs powerful computers that solve complicated mathematical equations and, thus, appropriate amounts of electricity. Furthermore, cryptocurrency mining is a way to earn money, but it’s not free (and can require a lot of capital to operate at the scale required to be lucrative).

Q4: Does the IRS tax Bitcoin and other cryptos?

Under the United States tax law, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are described as personal property and are subject to capital gain taxes. Having said that, you won’t owe any taxes prior to the realization of the gains because the capital gains taxes only apply when the gains are realized.


Nevertheless, of the option you choose, it is crucial to thoroughly research and compare different methods to find the one that suits your needs and preferences. Additionally, consider the risks included, such as potential scams or hacking attacks. You should proceed with caution and due diligence in any financial transaction to protect your money.

In short, getting bitcoins for free on the deep web can be feasible for those who understand the risks and take the mandatory precautions. Making informed decisions and completing a successful transaction requires knowledge of the deep web, the options for purchasing bitcoins, and the precautions you may take to safeguard yourself and your money.

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