Best 9 Scary Internet Sites of Deep & Dark Web You Don’t Know

The internet gives you the outstanding nature of the content, communications, and activities that happen in the world. People can use the facts to progress themselves, making the flora and fauna a better dwelling. At the same time, the deep web of the internet gives us stimulating information and has some sort of scary, bizarre disgusting, and creepy content sites.

However, it hangs on the landscape of a user either these effects mesmerize or annoy them. In this article, we have described some of the creepy and scary web pages. That is frightening, and you might not have heard of or seen it formerly.

Keep in mind that these web pages include content information and tutorials about murder, torture, rape, haunting someone, and many other things. While as per humanity’s snooping nature, the web pages below can attract most people.

Know About Scary Internet Sites

The scary and creepy websites on the deep web. Range from images of dead babies, the last screams of dying people, live torture, rape, murder, horror, haunted locations, and calling ghosts. Furthermore, even websites have entitlement to cameras in unrestricted locations, indicative of all kinds of ghostlike activities in real time.

However, nothing is out of the box in this range of internet. While how real and bogus these activities and actions are is pretty arguable.

But a set of people who have faith in it is all bogus and is just for show.

Others are firm believers and are pretty sure whatever is being shown is entirely real.

At the same time, a third group is oblivious to the presence of these websites and trusts these sites do not occur.

First of all, you have to pure that the cert is the existence of these distressing web pages at least at some point. Well, if it was in the past when it was significantly easier not to get trapped on the internet. Consequently, regrettably, they are all too tangible.

Top 9 Scary Internet Sites of Deep Web

The list of scary websites on the deep web or darknet is not for the dim heart of people. As it comprises some of the bizarre and scariest internet web pages. Trigger warnings often accompany these web pages. Some have even run into authorized misfortune for their content and information.

Top 9 Scary Internet Sites of Deep Web

However, enthusiasts of the horror genre will skirmish with collaborating tours of strange locations on sites. Meanwhile, other web pages give you all too actual statistics and updates on the frightening. These websites have achieved creepy and horror events.

The internet is a weird place filled with horror; these bizarre websites are some of the eccentrics you will find.

NOTE: Keep in mind that we highly recommend that you browse these below-stated web pages when you are not alone.

Below we have shared the scariest websites of the deep web that people have eternally come across. So, prop yourself up and let us navigate to it.

1. The Human Experiment

Human Experiment

This website is measured as one of the most disturbing and scary sites on the dark web internet surface with the tagline. (Not all humans are equal, for some of them were born superior to others). The site is basically a granary of the scariest human experiments. Where some egotistical people experiment on homeless people and live stream to the users.

For instance, injecting bleaching agents into pregnant women, starvation, drug trials, Blood transfusion, radioactivity exposure, decontamination, and other insane tortures.

Moreover, many rights ensure the existence of this site. A video appearing to show a pathetic person case tasked his girlfriend to get him 2 girls. He knotted them with dog collars, took in other girls under the charade of caring for them, and did all assortments of tortures on them.

The murder of a girl has been completed, along with the sexual abuse of others. The nastiest part of it was that he streamed it all live. The Australian police confirmed the tape and video online, and the person was charged.

2. Demon Hunting  

Demon Hunting

Scary sites on the dark web internet are completely dedicated to offering a step-by-step guide on how to summon an actual demon. Why Christianity, rendering to them, is a false religion, and they even receive donations to develop Satanism.

These platforms caused demon-hunting fans to emerge, prompting their love for summoning new and old demons. While humiliation is placed around Satanism, not all satanic rituals and celebrations rotate around human and animal sacrifice.

However, it is entirely unidentified if these deep web webpage observations actually work, as no evidence has been published on the web pages. These sites have a creepy and horror side. As previous users enlisted through the site have stated, appealing in online sermons to interrelate with demons or as the pleasure of Satan.

3. Nightmare Machine

nightmare machine: scary internet sites

The first feature of the Nightmare Machine site is basically haunted faces, also available on the surface web. An algorithm (produced by Artificial Intelligence AI) has been trained to make horrifying images. It attempts to find the scariest faces and locations likely and gets humans to tell which are worst.

This website immediately cautions all visitors as they are land-dwelling on the site. Concocting them for what will arise when they hover over their web page. If you can navigate haunted faces, the Nightmare Machine takes you through its second project, haunted places.

However, these pictures are not real they often resemble real objects and places you can relate to. It is a really creepy site because the pictures are self-possessed of real things.

This site learned how ghostly and toxic cities were seen before wearing this style to well-known landmarks worldwide. From imagery, the Colosseum Rome in ghostly house style to the Louvre Museum in Paris enclosed in blazes budding fear management will probably induce some stimulus from the disturbing scenarios.

4. Scary for Kids

scary for kids

As the title implies, Scary for Kids is another one of the scariest and creepiest dark net internet sites considered to scare children. But some of its content may also cause considerable frights for certain adults. Simply the platform is even scarier for adults. It is what the tagline says about the web page.

However, the user interface of this site is like an encyclopedia. That includes a vast assortment of horror and paranormal activities;

  • Movies: Here, you will get the top scary and frightening movies and television shows to watch online about clowns, ghostly houses, spooky ghosts, evil dolls, and monsters.
  • Stories: You will read true ghost stories, real built-up legends, and short tales of horror. They are faultless for telling at Halloween, at the time of bed, at sleepovers, or around the campfire.
  • Games: Creepy confusion games, scary pop-ups, prank games, and escape-the-room games are available in this section.
  • Photos: In this section, you will see really scary and upsetting visual illusions for Halloween photos. Moreover, you will find pics of clowns, people, ghosts, cats, dogs, and others.

5. Dark Scavengers Hunt

dark scavenger hunt: scary internet sites

The deep web scavenger hunt is a widespread darknet internet site and has been public by many users. However, the site is exclusive to every person that decides to participate. But no one really knows the determination behind the hunt.

A group that hosts a yearly internet-based puzzle is expected to contain anonymous phone numbers, voice messages, and GPS coordinates. If a victim solves it, offer a thorough collapse of the puzzle details and subsequent steps.

The scavenger hunt web page had users must find different specific items. Users are asked to do random things at random times, which is thrilling and scary simultaneously. Such as they have phone calls with no one on the other end. The calls did not stop until the user decided to quit the hunt.

A user was playing an alternative reality game (ARG) termed (no love deep web). One of the errands was provided to him, and he was so committed to the game that he drove to a nearby city to use a pay phone. He got a baby crying on the other end and not anything else.

An analogous task was completed by a girl when she was asked to go fill up gas outside her home base in some part of New York at 3 am.

These random tasks had no sense or logic overdue them, but people were concerned about deed them. Although, not all users experienced something this creepy. There is no real way to know that you would not be the next victim of this hunt.

6. White Enamel

White Enamel: scary internet sites

Talking about scary and creepy dark web internet sites. White Enamel is an overall package if you are in for some scary and horrific experience. This horror web page lets users play a click-and-point adventure game and an interactive movie divided into 7 independent parts.

The environment of each part locates in an unpopulated, abandoned, haunted Glenfield State Psychiatric Hospital in a creepy way that looks completely real. Start haunting whoever challenges you to go in it with the super creepy music, ghosts, and monsters that can appear in the game from anywhere.

Players must solve puzzles to progress in the game; occasionally, they must work a bit to move onward. Players who play this game can interrelate with the characters, find out where they are hiding, and make their way to the ending that feels like a horror movie.

7. Daisy’s Destruction

Daisy's destruction

This platform featured a sequence of videos in 2012 titled Daisy’s Destruction, and online visitors recompense hundreds of dollars to watch them. As per the six-month study of England’s University of Portsmouth, 80 percent of the deep web users are there on this site for the abuse of children.

A 19-year-old girl Carmen Ann Alveraz found out to be Peter Scully’s partner. She is a prostitute by profession, tortured and raped at least 8 young girls and toddlers between the age of 18 months to 4 years old.

The mental immorality or the pleasure they get from torturing young children defines a new level of senselessness. The most horrific and insane videos caught on the surface web and deep web most monstrously prompt every one of the bottommost standards of a human being.

The initial scene summonses the audience to see the mental collapse of a toddler Daisy. The thought of hurting a little 18-month-old baby itself is terrible, and they did it for so many children up to 14 years. These scary videos were uploaded for $10000 each clip, says many people interested in viewing such acts by paying for them.

However, in 2014 public clamor glimmered a worldwide search. And in 2014, Philippine establishments teamed up with the National Police of the Netherlands. Finally, Peter Scully’s collapse came after 2 latent victims ran away and were able to recognize Carmen Ann Alveraz. She discloses the location of the house where the crimes occurred.

Peter Scully was imprisoned after his girlfriend’s concession. On February 2nd, 2015, arrests shed light on a 51-year-old native currently awaiting trial in the Philippines for rape, murder, torture, and fraud.

8. The Last Meals Project

the last meal project: scary internet sites

Partaking to think of dead people is enough to scare anyone. Though the last meals project web page even takes you one slash further to lease you know about a person on death row and their last meals.

The thought of several pictures of people together with the last food they ate earlier dying. And are not alive anymore is extremely scary, with uncountable overwhelming effects. Additionally, it also gives you a more rapid perception of life, but personally, you will start enchanting the minor thing utterly after visiting the site.

Simply the last meal is the last choice a person can make earlier being put to demise. That’s the motivation behind the last meal project site. However, this deep web webpage shows many images of people with the last food they eat to wish.

Like Timothy McVeigh, who was implemented by lethal injection after murdering more than 160 plus people and hurting more than 680 during the Oklahoma City terror campaign. He desired two pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream as his last meal. His execution was passed out on June 11, 2001, in Indiana.

Moreover, you will get the images of Reginald Lenard Reeves with 4 pieces of chicken, and 2 cokes were all he desired for his last meal. He was executed on May 9, 2002, in Texas for the killing of Jenny Lynn Weeks. Earlier in his execution, Reginald Lenard Reeves makes an apology for taking someone’s daughter’s life.

9. HouseCreep


HouseCreep is another wonderful convenient dark net internet sites that help adults to discover murder houses, shady flats, ghostly houses, and other creepy and scary residences in their instantaneous range.

Basically, this dark web internet web page includes a wide-ranging list of houses with terrible content, including murders, hauntings, unexplained deaths, etc., that either happened in actuality or were rumored to have occurred.

One of the stories of Dennis Radar, popularly known as BTK (Bind Torture Killer), was a serial murderer that claimed the lives of 10 individuals over 17 years. From 1974 and 1991, Rader sends letters to the local police and local broadcast outlets detailing the ill-fated destiny of his victims.

However, Dennis Rader recommenced sending letters in 2004, ultimately leading to his 2005 custody. After sending a broadcast outlet a floppy disk, police could use metadata from a removed Microsoft Word file to recognize him.

He was under arrest close to his home in Park City on February 25, 2005, and condemned to 10 consecutive lives sentenced. And he is now confined at El Dorado Correctional Facility asylum.

Some Other Scary & Terrifying Internet sites

  • Creepy Pasta
  • Plane Crash Info
  • Death Date
  • Divine Intervention
  • Dong Ghost
  • Joy of Satan
  • Staggering Beauty
  • Hashima Island
  • Best Gore
  • Death Sentence
  • Coffin Viewing
  • Ghost Island of Japan
  • Bloody Disgusting
  • Homicide Monitor


So, wrapping things up, one entity we have to say is that you should not browse these web pages when you are alone. As it may make indeed devasting paraphernalia on you and your spiritual health.

In this article, we have just posted the top nine creepy, scary, and disgusting deep web internet sites you may not know. Let us know if you know some other sites, and don’t shillyshally to stake them through the comment section below, together with your experience on these terrifying websites.

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