A Dreamland Trade Route for Darknet Drug Dealers

People use the Darknet or deep web marketplaces to sell and purchase anything in their influence to keep their individualities secret. The 2 major markets AlphaBay and Hansa, have been a crackdown. It remnants to be gotten which marketplace will escalate above the troop to become the next giant for the darknet market community. One of the most protuberant competitors is the Trade Route darknet or deep web market.

In this post, we have staked a prescribed detail, features, and how you can access the TradeRoute marketplace of the deep web.

Do you Know About Darknet Marketplace?

If you want to know about the Trade Route Darknet, you must first clear your thoughts on the darknet marketplace. So basically, a darknet marketplace is a marketable website on the dark web that works through the Darknet.

Moreover, these marketplaces function mainly as black markets, which facilitate the buying and selling everything, including illegal and legal goods and the sale of legal products. But frequently, the products are illegitimate.

Many of these markets are popular because they bid security to buyers and sellers, ensuring buyers obtain their products and money. However, these marketplaces have diverse groups. Every group has its sub-groups and the product stock varieties in the thousands of every single group.

In short, buyers never finish options on these darknet marketplaces. The most communal products on these marketplaces include weapons, drugs, digital products, stolen credit card details, fake documents, bogus currency, unlicensed pharmaceuticals, etc.

Furthermore, they are 100 percent anonymous and do not keep logs or any other identifiable info about any user. That’s why payments are constantly anonymous. Cryptocurrencies it does not bid a ton of privacy to buyers.

A Bit of Know-How on Trade Route Darknet

How on Trade Route Darknet

The less well-known markets on the Darknet also deliver services and worth in every means. This site is not receiving enough exposure due to the popular market’s leaning to control. Trade Route is one platform that does not remain in the background.

However, it is a relatively fresher market than other recognized ones that opened its doors on 16th June 2016. Ninety-five percent of reviews from buyers and sellers is encouraging, which is a prodigious number for a deep web marketplace.

Plus, it has already developed 17000+ listings, and some of the most trusted sellers in other markets have registered there. The registration as a seller costs a $100 vendor bond allocated in Bitcoin plus a commission of two to five percent. At the same time, the buyer registration is unrestricted and starved of commission.

The Exceptional Features of Trade Route Darknet Market

Basically, this site was created by a group of experienced darknet market people. Their goal line was to make the definitive greatest black marketplace. So if you feel exhausted from all scams and cons associated with the deep web markets, this website is the right place to resolve your requirements where the numerous experienced superintendents demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

Below we have described all features that this site offers a user.

Best User Experience

The user experience and overall browsing experience are very organized. It is why a user will endure to browse any site or hit the back switch. As concerns, this site goes everything looks well-ordered, well-placed, and logical.

Furthermore, the Trade Route darknet or deep web market saved up the old-style deep web market outline with the listings on the left sidebar and links to significant segments on the upper bar. Below the upper bar, you will see a search bar; the rest demonstrates the most widespread and best-selling citations on the marketplace.

However, under the left sidebar section, you will see lists of the top 10 sellers that make it easy to find the most reliable sellers on the site. The advanced browsing experience only fills the center screen when users tap on the dissimilar categories from the left sidebar, not the entire page. It actually retains things simple and supports advancing page speed.

Wide Variety of Accessible Services and Products

17000 plus listings are already present in this market and are amusing. So unless you are shopping for bombs, you will probably find what you are looking up to.

While the leading product is DRUGS, even though this site does not specifically have a drug section. As an alternative, Trade Route Darknet marketplace lists all the drugs as individual categories and products.

More than 8500 plus listings translate to over 50 percent of the market total for drugs encompassing various categories, including.

  • Steroids
  • Stimulants
  • Ecstasy
  • Cannabis
  • Prescriptions
  • Nootropics
  • Cocaine
  • Opioids

Digital Goods: This site’s second most populated product is Digital Goods. This category has (5338) products, translating to more than 25 percent of the market’s total listings.

Ebooks: further class into smaller information divisions, holding most listings (1165), followed by Ebooks (904).

Erotica: In this section (641), you will find 18 plus content, such as Adult videos.

Fraud: Other most demanded commodities on the trade route market are fraud-related products (824) and forgeries (282) like stolen credit card details and fake scans of an Oxford degree.

Hacking: Subsequently, there is a service section accessible with (398) products that offer services like hacking, washing of cash, and other related stuff.

Trustworthy Security Protocol

Security is one more element that goes into the assembly formula of an effective and reliable darknet market. Below we have shared some of the security protocols on the Trade Route Market of the deep web and Darknet to protect users’ individuality and offer anonymity.

Trustworthy Security Protocol

· 2 of 3 MultiSignature Transactions

Three private keys are detained in this sort of deal, each by the seller, the seller, and the Marketplace. At least 2 keys are obligatory for the transaction to go onward. So the probability of the seller scamming you get pretty slim.

· PGP Encrypted Communications

It is one of the modest ways to encode your messages; no third party can interrupt the message and decode the contents of it. The Trade Route market of Darknet acclaims PGP encryption and offers a computerized online checkbox that can be indicated to encrypt messages.

· 2 of 2 MultiSig Transactions

It offers a decent anti-scam set-up; these want the seller and the marketplace keys to transfer the funds. This means the seller is not in full control of the transactions, so you can’t be tricked. No assets are transferred unless the marketplace authenticates that the trade has succeeded.

· Auto Logout

It is a straightforward but convenient security feature that mechanically logs you out later after a few minutes of inactivity on the site. It ensures that no order on your account is misused in case of absence.

· Anti-Malware Image

The login page has an image stated for the user’s account and is exposed every time earlier login. If the image variations, you are not the certified trade route market platform, so it saves phishing bouts at Haven.

· Two-Factor Authentication

When you set an individual PGP key for your trade route account market on the Darknet, it can be used to decode your 20FA message. Every time you log in, you must use the PGP key to decode a communication, and only then are you decided to access the account.

· Supplier Authentication

You can authenticate how trusted or alleged a seller is by checking the Secure Payment Available cover on their profiles or product listings. This site displays the total sales for a seller and optimistic reviews, which are a good measure to measure their legitimacy.

TradeRoute marketplace of the Dark web or Darknet is secure enough compared to the security protocols offered by some other significant darknet markets.

Mostly Accepted Currencies

This site accepts Bitcoins, like the Traditional deep web currency now, so it does accept it. Relating to the obvious fundamental profits like anonymity and reorganized transactions. But despite being a newer platform, it has already started compliant with Monero.

Now most deep web markets edge themselves to the bitcoins trade route market did not. Rumor has it that they soon also started accepting Dodge and other crypto coins on the platform, which is an upright symbol.

How to Access the Trade Route Darknet Market

How to Access the Trade Route Darknet Market

The TradeRoute Market is a part of the Dark Web where users can find the most desired prohibited products on Darknet markets. Staying harmless and anonymous on the dark web is certainly thought-provoking but not impossible.

Here we have shared a guide to accessing the Trade Route market.

NOTE: The first Step we shared below is completely optional.

1st Step: New Device

If you want to be completely tainted by the web of detection, we recommend using a new laptop or computer that cannot be tracked back to you. Additionally, laptops are suggested over desktop PCs as they can be straightforwardly liable in the worst-case situation.

2nd Step: Tor (The Onion Router)

This one step is compulsory to enter the dark web successfully. Nobody can visit sites on the network without using the Tor browser. This browser is a heavily improved Mozilla browser. It works using a vast network of computer nodes other Tor users volunteered.

Tor browser is an encryption utensil that works in a belief of accumulation layers of encrypting at each node or link to access any website. Consequently, when you link your internet through Tor, your connection will be readdressed numerous times via those nodes, covering it from everyone trying to discover what you are looking for.

Keep in mind that Tor does not offer comprehensive confidentiality protection, as there are ways to listen even on a link with Tor.

3rd Step: Install VPN to Access Trade Route Darknet

When you connect to a VPN, your joining goes through an encrypted passageway, manufacture it dreadful for anybody to listen in. The hitch to this is that when you fleece your Tor usage from ISP, there is still the stuff of your data in your VPN worker logs.

Here you must be cautious and select a truthful and unfailing VPN provider. However, the main resolution of a VPN is to offer an entirely new IP address located anywhere worldwide.

For instance, you live in the US, and your VPN provider gives you an address in the Netherlands.

Moreover, there are some influences to contemplate when making this optimal.

  • You should discover where your VPN worker works fine with the Tor browser.
  • If it does not slog with Tor, then it is unusable.
  • Some VPN workers don’t retain usage logs, which is the best situation for any dark web user.
  • Suppose the service charges are more complex than comparable service workers who retain usage. In that case, it is extremely recommended that you pay additional as the zero logs policy can frequently make all the alterations in a fitted spot.
  • The payment technique your VPN requests should preferably be Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency for digital expenses.

In a nutshell, users must use Tor and VPN to access the dark web and stay innocuous. Both of them used separately are quite useless. But if users make the darknet access combo, they will securely access the Trade Route site.

Accordingly, if your Tor browser gets hacked and your data is observed, the VPN facility will take the feds/ISPs to your newly provided address.

4th Step: Open PGP

PGP software uses the PGP encoding algorithm and should be installed and used for all inscribed statements on the Darknet. This software becomes an encryption average globally that offers users a private and public key.

The public key is shared with the other person you command to interconnect with. And the private key should be written down and preserved safely. The other person will use it to encode the message you will decode with your private key and contrariwise.

In this method, only the possessor of a private key that associations with the public key used for encryption can decode and read the communication. Any encoded message will be removed without reciting, and its correspondent could be blocked from the message.

Encrypting messages is important for every user collaborating through the Darknet and those who want to use the trade route site.

5th Step: Create An Account  

The only means to access the Trade Route site is as with the dark web site. Ensure the link is genuine, as many phishing sites on the dark web imitate a specific facility to trick users into giving up their data and assets.

Using the Tor browser and entering the market is entirely similar to using a regular browser. You should just put the marketplace URL into the address bar, and you will be taken to the Trade Route.

Possess the Tor browser in its default size. If you capitalize on it, your stamping size could be resolute, which can source stalking your IP address.

  • After a successful pier on the front page of the Trade Route market, an account creation arrangement will be visible.
  • Now complete the essential info tabs and click the Register option.
  • Make sure to use a name and password difficult that you have not used before that can’t be outlined back to you in a way.
  • In the account setup form, you can select your chosen currency. All Bitcoin amounts will be transformed into that currency mechanically.

NOTE: The 10000 most widespread passwords and pins, including (asdfgh) (qwerty) (12345) (zxcvbn), have been blocked to support the safety of the Trade Route market.

6th Step: Browse Trade Route Darknet Marketplace

You must first browse the guides on the trade route market to place an order. You will see it on the left side of the site’s main page. There are 23 groups, and every one of them contains more groups.

  • Tap on the listing option then a window with the item details will open.
  • Here you will discover seller information like their name and ranking. Every seller jolts with a rating of 50 which rises or reduces depending on their successful sales.
  • You will also select the amount of the listed item you need to order and the shipping method.
  • If you want to discover a good-rated seller before you select the product, you can discover the top 10 sellers under the categories on the site’s home page.
  • When you select the product or seller, check their value and the remarks of the earlier purchasers for safety precautions.

Summing Up

So, that’s a wrap.

Talking about our research team’s experience, the Darknet or deep web Trade Route market is a haven for drug dealers. Moreover, the transactions between the buyer and seller are smooth, the goods are reasonable, and the interface is well presentable.

While it could be severe to compare Trade Route to completely established markets like Alphabay and Hansa regarding safekeeping, this site has already over-delivered from an unbiassed state.

Don’t forget to share your opinion about this post in the comment section.

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